Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Day 4) "I'm Trying!"

Today, the full cast and crew all squeezed into Aidekman 75 to watch the full run of the show. This is the first time we've put everything all together. We ran the whole show straight through, stopping only for transitions because we haven't really worked those all out yet.

THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD! I am so excited for all you people to see it! I admit, I may be biased by being on the p-staff. However, getting the chance to sit back and watch the show today was a wonderful experience, and I can tell that the performances will definitely be something worth seeing.

I've asked Nadav what he's most proud of so far, and what he's most worried about for the rest of tech:

"I'm most proud of how hard and diligently everyone is working, and how it's paying off. I'm not worried about anything. It's going to be AWESOME."

After the run, we are spending the rest of the day working through fixes. We have just been told by Katie, the set designer, that we won't be able to stand on our bench. Now Nadav and the actors are going back through the show to isolate any place where the blocking called for someone to jump up onto the bench, and re-blocking those parts.

Tomorrow we will have cue-to-cue, during which I will be very busy but also will later have a lot to tell you all about. For today, there's not much more to say. We just keep chugging along, as the performances get closer and closer. Get excited.

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