Monday, August 29, 2011

(Day 1) Rain, Rain, Hurricane

I probably don't need to tell you much about Hurricane Irene. If you were on a pre-orientation program, I'm sure you know all about it firsthand. And if not, I'm sure you've been hearing about it or keeping a close eye on it, even if you are not from the east coast. Sometimes, mother nature just likes to throw a wrench into the best-laid plans.

And so when you announce to the universe, "Oh hey, world, my friend Abby (the ASM for the 3Ps O-Show) and I are going to drive from New Jersey to Boston on Sunday morning so that we can get to Tufts in time for the 3Ps pstaff meeting and an awesome TT2/3Ps barbeque," the universe likes to answer "LOL NICE TRY! Here, have a hurricane."

So, long story short we left the Jersey Shore three hours before mandatory evacuation was called on Friday morning, drove to Connecticut where we stayed in a hotel Friday night, drove to Tufts Saturday morning and arrived just hours before Irene.

The rest of the cast and p-staff have not all been as successful. Nadav (director) was stuck in Philadelphia, but should be arriving this evening. Kate (music director) is also arriving soon, hopefully by 2:30 today. Jenna (actor- Claire) has been trying to get out of the NY/NJ area, which was quite difficult pre-hurricane because all public transportation had been shut down. Thomas's (co-producer) flight from California has been cancelled and he should be back midweek. Nonetheless, the show must go on! We will begin what we can with who we have, and hopefully everyone will arrive safely, soundly, and soon.

UPDATE! As of 1:59, one minute before rehearsal is supposed to begin, Nadav has arrived!

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