Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(Day 2) The Room of Requirement-- Prop Stock

Prop stock is kind of like the room of requirement. You just need to know what to ask for- everything is in there! (Note: this is kind of a lie. Often a props designer will need to go out and buy something for a show. But after the show, it often ends up in prop stock for the next person to use.) Today I went into prop stock with Hanna, our props designer, to pull some of the things we will need for the show and for rehearsals.

Hanna in the entrance to prop stock

Looking down the main hallway of prop stock, you can see lots of computer moniters, old keyboards, televisions, speakers, and more.

There are lots of odds and ends, in wonderfully labelled boxes.

So many dishes! Lots of sets, lots of plates and bowls and cups and mugs in each set. No matter what era, meal, or room you are looking to portray, chances are you'll find something for it in stock.

Here are the props we ended up picking. Some will be used by the actors, others will be set dressings. Still others are only for rehearsal, because we don't have the real ones yet.

So there you have it: Prop stock.

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