Monday, August 29, 2011

(Day 1) "One by One by One," we begin.

With all the travel problems the hurricane caused, we weren't quite able to hit the ground running, but I'd say we hit at a quick-paced jog and got up to a full speed run within half an hour. As I mentioned in the last post, Nadav arrived just one minute before our rehearsal was supposed to start. Kate, however, was still half an hour away. So we started off with a basic pep talk, about how AWESOME this show is going to be, and how much we want you, the freshmen, to come join Torn Ticket after you see it (because you totally all will because we love you!).

By 2:30, Kate arrived and there was much rejoicing. We still only have three of our four actors, but Jenna should be here by late this evening in time to fit one music rehearsal into the day.

The rest of the time until breaking for dinner at 6 was spent in music rehearsal. They started with the group numbers, with Kate and Nadav alternately filling in Jenna's parts when it was impossible to skip over them. After a while, we began one on one rehearsals for each actor with Kate, and the rest of the cast was free to go. Each of the actors will have a chance to go over their part with Kate today; if not this afternoon, then after dinner.

Tonight there will be a design meeting. Much of the set design was based upon the assumption that we would have access to rolling platforms, but it was discovered today that that is not the case. Katie is working on some new sketches, and tomorrow I will share some of them with you!

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