Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(Day 2) "Favorite Places"

This is Aidekman 75. It is our home base for all of the week except when we get our limited time in the Arena for blocking, teching, and dress rehearsing. Each morning we lug the Torn Ticket II keyboard down here from upstairs, and each night we put it back in the wings of Cohen Auditorium. And by "we," I mostly mean Esti, because I am injured and she is awesome.

Rehearsal began today at 10am with Matt and Jenna's duets. We've covered some important distinctions, such as between Cabernet and Riesling or between Monet and Manet. For the record, Monet and Manet are both artists. But different artists. Also, you cannot bring Cabernet to a party if your host is serving fish, or you will look silly. Just so you all know. And if you want to know WHY we talk about all these things, you'll just have to come see the show!

Josh and Rachel R will show up at 12 so that we can work on all the amazing 4-part harmonies with our full cast here. We take a break for lunch at 2, during which Matt and Jenna will each go for their costume fittings. After that, we have access to the Arena for blocking from 3:30 until 8! There will definitely be more on that later, with pictures!

Some time between now and then, I will be heading down into prop stock to get some rehearsal props. Prop stock is a wonderful, magical place where you can find anything and everything. But really. There will be many pictures of that too!

I promise you all these pictures, but I do want to warn you- my camera is kind of incredibly old and held together by tape. So please excuse the photo quality... I'm trying my best!

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