Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Day 3) Production Assistant!

We here at the TTII O-show are super lucky because we have a production assistant for our show! While the cast continues blocking, I'm sitting in the back of the room interviewing Rachel A.

What exactly is a Production Assistant?
My job is to help anybody and everybody who needs me. It's really fun to see how all the different parts if the show are coming together and to have a small hand in making this show happen.

So who have you been working with so far?
The past couple of days I have been working with Julia in costumes, and later today I am going to be helping Katie with the set.

What have you and Julia been doing?
We went on an adventure to costume stock. The land of dreams and fabrics, costumes to satisfy every costumer's needs. Ever. I wasn't sure if these legends were true but... they are! (It would be highly awkward if they weren't). It was magical and we had a lot of fun looking through the racks of clothes to find out where all of our characters' clothing was hidden. ('Cause we knew they were in there somewhere) We went to the shop and laid out our finds. Slowly but surely we made outfits and we brought the actors in for fittings. Mostly it all came together and after a revisit to stock I can confidently say we are in a really good place with costumes.

How did you come to be our Production Assistant?

Well last semester I had a really great time being a part of shows here at Tufts and I was super anxious to come back and see everyone. So, I knew that an O-show is a unique experience at Tufts and I had heard such good things that I asked Esti if I could be involved and everything fell into place.

How do you plan to be involved with theater this semester?

Theater is a huge part of my life at Tufts and I can't wait for auditions to roll around. I think all of the shows this semester are going to be great and I would love to be a part of any of them. I am also on the Torn Ticket II Board so I will be a part of a lot of the musical theater productions.

What do you do on the board?

I am this year's secretary!!! My role on the board is to keep the membership up to date with what's going on in meetings. I keep records on members attendance at meetings and their commitments to different shows. I also get to make sign up sheets with adorable questions and I book the spaces for minor performances and our weekly meetings. I really, really can't wait for it all to start.

Any advice for freshmen? (Theater-related or otherwise? But mostly theater-related).

Then I will just say this fast-- stir fry night at Carm. Go there. No questions, just go.

As for theater, I have met so many nice people and as weird and old as all the upperclassmen might appear please feel free to introduce yourself to anyone. Aside from loving you and killing you with kindness, the worst they can do is make you promise to try out for something awesome that you will totally want to be a part of.

Don't forget about stir fry night.

So there you have it!

Looking for more interviews? The co-producers, Emily and Thomas, are working for both our show and the 3Ps O-Show. Yesterday, Abby posted an interview with Emily to the 3Ps blog- you can see it here:

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