Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Torn Ticket II O-Show Blog!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the official blog for the Torn Ticket 2011 Orientation Show

Now, you may be wondering exactly what show I'm talking about. Unfortunately, due to the terms of our rights to the show, I'm not allowed to use the title of the show on this blog. From here on in, I will use the name New York Fairy Tale. This blog will follow the process of our show, from proposal waaaay back in April through our final performance and strike the night before classes start. Make sure you also check out the 3Ps O-Show blog here:

Who Am I?

Before I start in with the show, I get to talk about myself! My name is MayaBea and I am a sophomore at Tufts. Though I haven't officially declared anything yet, I am a Child Development major and a Linguistics minor. Last year I was involved as an assistant in both of the Torn Ticket II Major productions (Props assistant for Assassins and Assistant Technical Director for Pippin) as well as working as run crew for the 3Ps Major, Uncle Vanya. This semester, I am stage managing the Torn Ticket II Major, Merrily We Roll Along. And, though I'm not dancing this semester due to an injury, I am on the Ballroom Dance Team.

How This Blog Will Work

As the Assistant Stage Manager, I am in the perfect position to tell you all about our process. I will be in rehearsals and production meetings, and will share all the juicy details with you! I'll have pictures, stories from rehearsals and meetings, interviews, and other exciting things throughout the next week and a half. If you've found this blog after seeing our show, now you can get a glimpse into the process that occurred to create that wonderful production! Also, despite some understandable differences because of the time frame, the O-Show is a pretty good microcosm of any Torn Ticket II show at Tufts. So understanding how this works puts you at an advantage when you decide to come be involved in EVERYTHING we do here!


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